All Together like the Folks of Shields

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About this event
Writer: David Cooke
Director: Jim Barton
Cast and Crew

Alex Charlton – Jack Robert Young

Jack Charlton – Declan Marshall

Betty Charlton – Tracy Office

Des Charlton – David Beston

Helen Armstrong – Katie Stubbs

Alvera Armstrong – Viv Wiggins

George Armstrong – John Errington


Producer: Carol Cooke

The play centres around two families living next door to each other in typical Tyneside flats. Des and Betty Charlton have the latest furniture – bright and possibly rather vulgar. George and Alvera Armstrong are down on their luck and live in faded fifties drab.


Taken together they represent two explanations of the title of the play. Des defines it as representing a town where everyone is supportive, caring and out to have a good time. George, however, sees the phrase as describing a close knit exclusive community that keeps itself to itself and shuns outside interference.


The two families have different approaches to their lives and frequently come into conflict but, by the end of the play, they are all together.


a Comedy written by David Cooke