This Play Won't be Any Good

Presented By: The Westovians | Tags: play, drama




About this event
Writer: Jay Sykes
Director: Jim Barton
Cast and Crew

Amelia – Alicia Thompson

Becca – Jess Henderson

Daniel – Kai Newton

Iz – Holly Reay

Klarita – Laura Roberts

Knives – Megan Charlton

Kyle – Harrison Tague

Robyn – Melissa Whale-Spencer

Simon – Corey Muizelaar

Tab – Phoebe Oxman

Zakia – Sophie Stubbs

Zoe – Libby Taylor

Ms Humphries – Erin Atack

Mr Smith – Ewan Mattimore

Mrs Smith – Katie Stubbs

Klarita’s Mum – Mollie Lucas

Charlotte – Grace McKay

Gabby – Mia Little

Jade – Natalie Chandler

Laura – Amy Stewart

Trish – Bonnie-Belle Atack

Drama: A play by our Junior section.


Written by Jay Sykes.